The Rocky Mountaineer luxury day touring train to the Canadian Rockies

Rocky Mountaineer's luxury day touring train ensures that passengers do not miss a minute of the iconic Canadian Rockies, while overnight stops allow exploration in some of Canada's most charming mountain cities and towns.

Royal Canadian Pacific offers one of the best ways to appreciate the dramatic landscapes of Canada

VIA Rail rekindles the classic rail experience with overnight journeys aboard private sleeper cabins. Routes extend across Canada and can be combined with Rocky Mountaineer routes for the complete Canadian rail experience.

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Why Choose A Canadian Rail And Cruise Vacation?

In Canada, travel is as much about the journey as it is the destination. The changing scenery, gourmet meals and unparalleled service make rail and cruise an experience all their own. We seamlessly combine these two unique elements, so that from moment you arrive in Canada, all of the details are thoughtfully taken care of.

Vancouver is the Canadian Pacific Railway hub
Vancouver & the West Coast
Visit many charming mountian towns like Banff
Banff & the Canadian Rockies
Take the Via Rail Candian all the way across Canada
Niagara Falls & Ontario
Eastern canada train tours offer endless sightseeing options including historic Quebec City
Quebec City & French Canada


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