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Appreciate the beauty of the Skeena River

Aug 2, 2012 Travelers may have heard of more famous Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, but draw a blank when they find out their Canadian rail trips will follow the Skeena River.  read more

Visit Montreal to learn about pop artist Tom Wesselman

Aug 1, 2012 When travelers think about Pop Art, names like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein may spring to mind. Individuals who want to learn about another pop painter should make their way to Quebec by October 7.  read more

Attend Buskerfest to see memorable street performances

Aug 1, 2012 Most major cities have their fair share of buskers, or street performers. Toronto, Ontario, has enough jugglers and bucket drummers to have a festival.  read more

Hitting the waves in Tofino, British Columbia

Jul 31, 2012 If you're taking a train tour of Canada and find yourself falling in love with The Great White North, you may want to extend your stay in Vancouver so you can test out the waves in Tofino, British Columbia.  read more

Searching for sushi in Vancouver

Jul 30, 2012  read more

Meat lovers can fill up on authentic Montreal cuisine

Jul 26, 2012 As French culture and traditions have played such a large role in shaping Montreal, Quebec, visitors to the city who are looking for a bite to eat can expect to find dishes like Crème brûlée and escargots on various restaurant menus.  read more

The latest and greatest in Toronto

Jul 24, 2012 Toronto isn't your average Canadian city. With an urban edge and unabashed embrace of everything new, Toronto isn't afraid to experiment with fashion, restaurants and nightclubs. read more

Sip on fine brews during National Capital Craft Beer Week

Jul 24, 2012 Travelers may have a go-to beer back home, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t see what Canada has to offer in the brew department.  read more

Staying in shape on train vacations in Canada

Jul 23, 2012 If you find yourself yearning to burn calories between visits to Canada's national parks and trying the nation's award-winning wines, you might want to set aside an hour or two for working out so that you can stay energized during your unforgettable vacation. read more

Celebrate diversity at GlobalFest 2012

Jul 20, 2012 While fireworks light up the skies across the U.S. every Fourth of July, America is not the only country to celebrate summer with these pyrotechnics.  read more
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